lunedì 21 maggio 2012

Baci di Dama (Miss's Kiss)

Baci di Dama (Miss's Kiss)
(This recipe is from Stefania from Torino - Italy)

100g butter
100 g starch
  75 g powdered sugar
  65g almonds
1 egg
Gianduja cream or chocolate ganache
almond essence
granulated sugar.

Grind the almonds with a spoonful of sugar, in a bowl mix together the softened butter with the flour, starch, powdered sugar, ground almonds, half an egg and a few drops of almond essence. Divide the mixture into approximately 60 equal balls thatyou will have on one or more plates; baking at 170 ° C  for 18 'approximately; at the end of cooking (the balls will be slightly flattened) 
,  then stuffed with a peak of gianduia cream and merge the two cookies.
Recipe of the 2012/02/09

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