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Peruvian brown sugar pudding

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Peruvian brown sugar pudding  (Peru)
Pudín Azúcar morena de Peru
( This recipe was created by Nuxia )

The Peruvian caramel pudding is a dessert from the region of northern Peru: Piura. The region
Piura, in addition to being known worldwide for its delicate pottery decorated in gold, is very famous for a sweet, very special: A taste of caramel pudding. Its simple ingredients make it unique in its flavor. Traditionally, made from goat milk, cattle widespread in the region of Peru, rice flour, and chancaca. The chancaca, is nothing but the molasses obtained from sugar cane. In my version, goat milk has been replaced by cow's milk, while the chancaca, from Demerara cane sugar. It 'a unique sweet, light but nourishing for the presence of other ingredients, including walnuts. Suitable for both in Summer and in Winter, is a delicious dessert that can be used both to snack for children and for dessert after a meal.

Ingredients for 6 persons:

1 liter of whole milk
100g rice flour end
100g  sugar cane type Demerara
1/2 cup of water
1 whole vanilla bean
100g chopped walnuts
half whole nuts to decorate

In a nonstick pan (or steel thick-bottomed), add the brown sugar, along with water. Put on the heat and stir constantly, until a caramel liquid. Turn off the heat. in another pot, mix little flour at a time together with the milk, to avoid the formation of lumps. Put on the heat and slowly add the sugar liquid, stirring constantly. Add the vanilla pod whole. Bring to boil stirring constantly, until thick and creamy. Turn off the heat and immediately add the chopped nuts and stir quickly. Just let it cool, and transfer to individual bowls this cake. Decorate with the half-nuts and sugar cane. The pudding is still hot will melt the sugar cane liquido.Trasferire making it in the fridge for at least two hours before serving. If you want a firmer pudding increased doses of flour 160g rice, also brown sugar may be omitted from the decoration, or it can be added on the cake, a few minutes before serving.
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