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Zuccotto Pandora and nougat cream

Zuccotto Pandora and nougat cream

 With this recipe you can also use the cake.

What you need:
A Pandoro or a panettone
the chocolate custard or cream
The hard type of Cremona Torrone (optional)
or Of chocolate chips
 if you use the classic custard
Cocoa powder
Powdered sugar

A glass bowl or mold domeIn a mortar to reduce the nougat pieces. Then in a blender passatatelo powerful.Cut a 1 cm thick rectangular strips pandoro or cake to 2cm. Cover the bowl or dome-shaped mold with plastic wrap for food.Coat the mold with the slices of Pandoro (or cake), remember to set aside a part that will be used to cover and then close the zuccotto. the custard mix aside to be supported with enough pieces of nougat or chocolate chips.Sprinkle with 50ml of rum pandoro covering the dome or the bowl. inserted into the custard and cover with strips of pandoro kept aside. cover with plastic wrap and put the mold in the freezer and let stand for about 2 hours. Remove the film upside down on a plate. Remove foil and the other remained, and sprinkle with cocoa and powdered sugar.In the same way you can make a trifle alternating layers of Pandoro (or Panettone) and custard, replacing the rum with the alkermes. 

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