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( This recipe is ByNuxia) 

For the choux:

200 ml Water
100 g Butter
130 gr flour
a pinch salt
4 medium eggs
5 g Sugar

For the Chantilly cream:

500 ml fresh cream
2 tablespoons icing sugar

For the coating:

400 g dark chocolate
20 ml Fresh Milk
500 ml fresh cream


To prepare the chocolate profiteroles must begin with the realization of puffs with ingredients listed in this recipe following the directions for preparing the dough for cream puffs. Once cooked and cold now, drill a hole in the base of each puff with something sharp (the handle of a teaspoon), so that the nozzle of the pastry bag, you can use to stuff them penetrarvi.A Now make the Chantilly cream that will serve to fill the profiteroles with chocolate, place in a large bowl, 500 ml of well-chilled heavy cream mixed with sugar icing, whip the cream with a whisk until it is firm enough to stay attached to the hoses without dripping. With the cream puffs filled all closed and put in refrigerator in an airtight container or covered with transparent film.Meanwhile, prepare the coating of chocolate profiteroles: Put in a saucepan the cream and milk, then bring them to touch the boil and add the chopped chocolate, stir until the chocolate is completely dissolved and mixture is smooth and free of lumps. Place the mixture in the refrigerator and leave it cools, it thickens to the point that manages to veil the cream puffs remaining attached to the surface. Dip the cream puffs, one at a time, into the chocolate cream and with the help of two forks, take them out, let them drain slightly and arrange on a plate forming a basis on which poggerete gradually all the others to finish with a pyramid. If you were to move the chocolate cream, you can pour over the pyramid and then end up garnishing profiteroles with chocolate ribbons of whipped cream. If you do not want to taste the chocolate profiteroles immediately put in the refrigerator and pull them out 15 minutes before serving.
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