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Tiramisu with coffee barley

Tiramisu with coffee  barley
(This recipe is by Nuxia)

A tiramisu with coffee barley for a dad who does not like and can do without the traditional coffee.                                    


175 g of egg yolk
340 g of caster sugar
100 g of water
1 vanilla bean bourbon
500 g of cream
500 g of mascarpone
250 g of sponge
400 g of wet coffee barley
15 g of cocoa powder


For the cream Tiramisu: cook the zuchero granulated with water until you get to 121 C, then pour the cooked sugar at this temperature while the yolks are mounting with the vanilla in mixer and whip included. Whip until completely cooled.Add the mascarpone and then the whipped cream. The classic tiramisu was born in baking dish or cup portions, then layered sponge cake soaked in plenty of wet coffee barley, with the classic tiramisu cream. Do at least two layers of sponge cake soaked and two layers of cream. Finish with the cream and refrigerate to rest for at least a couple of hours. Finished with cocoa powder just before serving.
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