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Nuxia Dessert of chocolate

Nuxia Dessert of chocolate 
(This recipe By Nuxia)


For 12 people:

1 Italian Colomba or traditional cake or panettone (without fariciture)

600g dark chocolate, or milk or white (okay that of Easter eggs)

500 g of fresh cream

Liquor with low alcohol content of your choice.

First, it is Easter doves remove the top cap of the cake if it is decorated with sugar and almonds, without cutting the cake. Just scrape with a knife, sugar and crumble the entire decorated surface. Gather the crumbs of sugar and almonds and keep aside. cut into slices not too thick, the dove. In the case of cake or panettone, cut into horizontal slices and then into four parts. to have so many scraps of cake. Turn your oven to brown and go to grill. must be with a crispy crust. We'll take a few minutes. Go into the cutter sugar crumbs and almonds both whole and in pieces. Remove the toasted slices of the cake. In double boiler melt the chocolate with 400g of cream, until a thick cream. In a bowl or individual cups (you can also use martini glasses cocktal type) just to wet the bottom with liquor: Alchermes or Vermouth, or otherwise. Place the pieces of sweet toasted, pour a little cream over the chocolate, and over a few crumbs of almonds and sugar. Do many layers to fill your chosen container. decorated with whipped cream, you will not have used before.

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