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Swivels with lemon and orange

Swivels with lemon and orange
(This recipe by Barbara S.)


300 g of flour 00
½ cup sweet white wine
3 eggs
1 orange
1 lemon
70 grams of sugar
20 g of flour
300 ml of peanut oil.

Pour the flour and the center sgusciateci eggs, add the wine fresh and processed ingredients with a fork first, then with your hands until creamy and smooth and hard.Form a ball and cover with plastic wrap and let rest about 20 minutes at room temperature. Flour the work surface and roll out the dough to a sheet of 2 mm thick, I suggest you also flouring the rolling pin so the dough will spread more easily. Wash the oranges and grate zest directly on the pastry, then sprinkle with sugar superficie.Arrotolate trying to cover all the dough and form a cylinder, then towel sizes into rounds ½ inch thick. Pour the oil in a skillet with high sides or a deep fryer and let it heat well, then gently immerse the swivels few at a time and being careful not to get them to open. Fry the swivels for 5 minutes and Turn them to make them well browned on both sides. As you put the swivels ready on a sheet lined with paper towel and be careful not to overlap those of otherwise absorb the oil in those above the typical losing crispness of these sweets.
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