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( This recipe is Sophie, Montpellier - France )

INGREDIENTSFor the choux pastry: 

150 g flour 
80 g butter 
4 eggs 
For the filling and topping:
500 g ricotta Piedmont 
200 g whipped cream 
60 g of citrus honey 
cubes of candied orange 
toasted sliced ​​almonds 
Grand MarnierPrepare the choux pastry to make the crown (Paris-Brest): boil 250 g of water with a pinch of salt and butter, then pour in the flour all at once and stir, cook the mixture until it detaches from the pan with a sizzle. Transfer it then fitted with a dough hook whip, let cool, then stir in the eggs and pick it up in a pocket of cloth with large nozzle, smooth. Draw a circle 23 cm in diameter on a sheet of parchment paper stretched on a plate, following the design, prepared the crown with the wire coming out from the pocket of dough, making it drop with a spiral motion. Bake the cake at 180 °C for 40 ', half-closing the oven after the first 15' of cooking. Mix the ricotta with honey, orange peel, 35 g of sugar, a tablespoon of Grand Marnier, stir in the whipped cream and, with this compound, the Paris-Brest stuffed cold, cut in half in thickness, that is horizontally Garnish with slivers of almonds and a drizzle of caramel.
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