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( This recipe is By Nuxia )
And 'the original recipe a version is baked, found immediately after this.

300 g of flour 00
50 g of granulated sugar
70 g butter, melted
2 eggs
1 shot of rum (if there are children, can be replaced with milk)
1/2 packet of baking powder
1 pinch of salt 
flour for the pastry to taste
For frying: 
peanut oil or extra virgin olive oil to taste

In a bowl, sift flour with baking powder 00. Break the eggs in the center, add the melted butter, rum, sugar and a pinch of salt. Mix ingredients well and transfer to the mixture on a floured pastry board. Working with your hands until it is smooth and homogeneous. Detaching a piece of dough and roll it up with the hands, forming a cord of about 1 cm in diameter, then cut into pieces. If you want, work with your hands to get each piece of dough into balls. Heat up the pan of fried, fill it halfway with peanut oil and bring the temperature of 170 C. Fry a few crackers at a time and not just become golden to drain well and place them on several layers of paper towels. Transfer it to a serving dish and serve with a dusting of powdered sugar or with a filling of custard or chocolate. The Castagnole fritters are typical of Romagna and Lazio, as a small chestnut, the inner soft and quick to prepare, and enjoy the crackers are famous in many regions of Italy albeit with different names and with slight variations of ingredients. Little is known about their origin, but it sure is a typical dessert of Carnival, which are both simple and good, that with the filling.
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