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Bignè with cheese

Bignè with cheese
(This recipe is By Nuxia )

12 medium-sized bignè
200 g of Parmesan
100 g of sliced ​​bacon
2 egg yolks
50 g of butter
4 tablespoons milk
6 whole kernels of walnut

Cut the butter into small pieces, put it in a bowl and melt in double boiler; grated parmesanand add to the butter, pour in the milk and melt the mixture, stirring gently, add the yolks andembed them continuing to cook. Remove from the heat and pepper and allow to cool, divide half the kernels of the donut noce.Tagliate a cap, fill with cream cheese and garnish with the kernels. Toastslices of bacon on the grill of the oven to 200 C, then lay them on a serving dish, put 1 of each puff and serve.
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