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Cups of chocolate

Cups of chocolate                                     
(This recipe is BY NUXIA)

80 gr. dark chocolate
150 ml fresh cream
8/10 Fabbri cherries to decorate
2 drops of red food coloring
1 tablespoon of sour cherry syrup

Funds chocolate in water bath. Helping with a brush coating with silicone molds of hot 
chocolate (for muffins) and stow it in the fridge for a quarter of an hour. When the first layer has set, proceed with the second in the same way (there is no need to heat the chocolate in contact with the hot water, indeed, the pot will keep the liquid).Put everything back in the fridge. While you wait 15 minutes, features the cream with the syrup and the dye, and when it has reached a firm consistency pour into the pastry bag. Bring out the fridge baskets and fill them with cream, ending with some black cherry for garnish. To maintain the attachment of whipped cream, while the rattle, use ½ packet of styling creams, that you find at the supermarket.
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