martedì 22 maggio 2012


( This recipe is By Nuxia ) 

Sponge cake: 
225 g sugar 
225 g  flour 
6 eggs 
a teaspoon of vanilla extract
butter and flour for the mold 
For the filling and serve:
400 g fresh cream 
350 g custard 
Grand Marnier 
icing sugar


Sponge cake: mounted eggs with sugar and a pinch of salt to obtain a foam swollen Gently stir in the flour and vanilla, setacciandole. Transfer the mixture into a springform pan (ø cm 28), buttered and floured, then bake at 180 ° C for 25-30 '.Turn out the cake and let cool on a wire rack. Rifilatela cap-shaped. Divide it into three discs and brush them with Grand Marnier. Combined with the cream 200 g of cream, mounted; stuffed with it the two layers of the cake back together. Polish also outside with liquor,  spread over the remaining cream and then the other 200 g of cream, mounted with 20 g of granulated sugar. Sprinkle the surface with cuttings of sponge, in very fine crumbs, and passed the cake in the fridge. Serve with powdered sugar.
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