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Meatloaf CAGE

Meatloaf CAGE
(This recipe BY Nuxia)

Meatloaf, veal, beef and chicken wrapped in bacon and covered with pastry

Ingredients for 6 persons:
a pack of Breadcrumbs
6 green olives
4 tablespoons of gravy
300 g of roast veal
300 g of lean beef boiled
200 g bacon, cut into slices not too thin
200 g of roasted chicken
2 eggs
q.b. salt
q.b. pepper
a lemon

Stone the olives, chop finely and set asideChop the vealchicken and beef with a food processor and place the dough in a bowlThen add the bread crumbsegg,gravy and chopped olivesMix well until mixture is smooth and soft. Season the mixture over the grated lemon rindKnead itgiving it the shape of meatloafAt this point you have on the work table slices of baconside by sideLean over themeatloaf and cover itwrapping it with baconUnroll the pastry, put the meat in the center wrapped in bacon and lock forming a kind of foil attached to the meatloaf. If you were to move the doughyou can use the residues to create the ornaments with which to decorate the roastLightly beat the remaining egg in a bowl and brush with a kitchen brush the entire surface of dough. Then put the meatloaf in a pan with a sheet of baking paper and bake at 220 degrees C for 25 minutesOnce cooked leave to rest for a few minutesto prevent the pasta cutting it come apartCut into slicesand then the meat loaf and serve warm.
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