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BROWSE daisies

BROWSE daisies

(This recipe is from Sonia V.)
Delicious biscuits made with puff pastry.


300 g puff pastry
250 g sugar
200 g mixed forest
10 apricot


Make a syrup by boiling for one minute with 300 g of water g150 sugar, apricots join split in half and pitted, let them cook for exactly one minute from the resumption of the boil, then drain and let cool on a wire rack resting. Roll out the puff pastry thawed, about 3 mm thickness, then cut it with a stencil to flower, getting 20 daisies. Arrange them on a plate covered with a sheet of baking paper, supported on each half apricot upside-down, then coat them in the oven already heated to 200 ° for 15 'or so. Meanwhile, boil for a minute the mixed forest and the remaining sugar (g 100), crushing the fruit with a fork to get a semi-dense sauce.When the cooking is completed, the daisies out of the oven, arrange in serving dish, sprinkle with the sauce and serve with berries still warm.Recipe of 2012/01/26

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