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Terrine of duck foie gras with figs and dried

Terrine of duck foie gras with figs and dried
(This recipe is from Monique R) - (France)

 A duck for about two kg
300g of minced pork, drawing media
300 g bacon, chopped fresh medium die
200 grams of dried figs
1 slice of foie gras from about 
8 g (optional)
1 teaspoon of "four spices"
2 teaspoons salt guerande ground (a good salt is fine)
30 turns of the pepper grinder10 / 20 cl port
2 eggs
2 dl of creamjuniper berriesGelatin
1 liter and a half

The day beforeBone the duck, reserve a breast, remove skin fat, gristle, grind.Cut the breasts into strips and season with a little 'port and the four spices, store in refrigerator.Cut the figs into 8 parts and soak them in the portWith the carcass of the duck, and a few juniper berries to a fund (similar)The day of cookingPrepare the ground farcia.Mescolare with eggs, cream, the very bottom of the duck, salt and fichi.Salare and pepper.Doing very little fat quickly resold the strips of duck.In a bowl, half-gallon crock, put a layer of stuffing, then strips of duck, always a little push. 'Continue layered with stuffing and foie gras stuffing, thread and stuffing coprire.Mi recommend to press hard.Let stand in refrigerator about six hours.Heat oven to 180 degrees, heat water for cooking in a double boiler, place the pan and bake.I use the thermometer probe but not possessing, you can 'takes about an hour of cooking to 180 degrees, then lower the temperature to 160 degrees, cook for about an hour. With the thermometer at heart is the temperature of 75 ° .Meanwhile, prepare the gelatin.Remove from oven, drain the fat, put the jelly in its place, put in the fridge and hope you do go the cooler as bagalio hand!! Serve after 48 hours, keeping in the fridge and keeping it at room temperature at least half 'hours before serving.
Recipe of the December 28 

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