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Adriana cannelloni

Adriana cannelloni
(This recipe from Sarah - San Francisco)

Filling:½ kg minced pork loin
1 liter milk
1 small onioncinnamon
2 clovesbutter, salt, 
1 nut+ Bechamel sauce (a little 'liquid, to which you have joined a couple of tablespoons of parmesan), grated parmesan cheese,
For the filling, making Brown the onion in a little 'butter, add the meat, to make color and then add the milk, and nut flavors. Cook over medium-low for 1 ½ hours or more ', until' the meat has absorbed the liquid. To prevent them from being too dry, not to restrict too much meat.Fill the squares of egg pasta with a little 'of the filling, forming the cannelloni and place them on a baking tray "dirty" at the base with the white sauce. Cover with more sauce, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and butter flakes.Bake at 200 for ½ hour. If you darken the surface, cover with aluminum.If you see that the filling and 'too dry, add a little' of white sauce.I like both, so the meat cooked 'takes a different flavor.
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