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(This recipe is Nuxia)
A good recipe for healthy eating.

For the base:
400 g white flour
200 g butter
a yolk
dried beans to cook pasta
For the filling:
300 g asparagus already cleaned
180 g goat
150 g cooked ham
100 g shelled peas 
olive oil
salt to taste
black pepper corns to taste

Prepare the pastry for the base, rubbing his hands the butter and flour, soak the ingredients so you get a lot of briciolame, place it on a work surface and making the fountain in the center, put the egg yolk and a pinch of salt. Mix quickly with your fingertips, not to burn the dough; wrap it in a little plastic wrap and let it rest in the refrigerator for 30 ', then pull to 3 mm thick and coated with a low fluted mold edges of 24 cm in diameter Cover the dough with a disc of baking paper, fill the mold with pulses that will prevent the dough to swell during cooking, then bake at 190 degrees - 380 F, for 35 'or so (cooked in white). Meanwhile, boil the peas and, separately, even then you reduce the asparagus into small cubes. Cool the vegetables and season them with a little olive oil. Work the goat cheese with a fork then mix it with vegetables, diced ham, marjoram, salt and a generous grinding of pepper. Baked the base, remove paper and beans, let cool and then fill with the mixture of formaggio.
Recipe of 2012/01/13

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