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(This recipe is by Nuxia)

Ingredients for 6 persons:

500 g flour - 5 eggs - salt  

500 g capon breast - boneless pork loin 120 g - 50 g growth - Ricotta 50 g - 50 g Grana Padano - an egg - a lemon - Sage - Rosemary - Nutmeg - butter - olive oil - salt - pepper - capon broth

fried in oil and butter on the breast of capon and loin, seasoned with salt, pepper, a few sage leaves and a little 'of rosemary. Keep the heat moderate and cover the pan and cook for 5-6 ', then turn the meat and proceed for another 10' or so, always with the lid. Once cooked grind them into flour, add the fresh cheese, Parmesan, egg, a generous sprinkling of nutmeg, a little 'of grated lemon rind, correct the salt and pepper and knead the dough until it is homogeneous. Prepare the dough with the ingredients listed, roll out thinly and cut into small squares of side 4 cm.Distributed in the center of each portion of filling, fold it sealing the edges of a triangle, then connect the two ends by pushing one another and thus obtaining Cappelletti. Boil them in capon broth or chicken, and serve accompanied with a little broth of the same or the other, again.
Recipe of the December 22

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