venerdì 18 maggio 2012


(This recipe is from Steff)

Ingredients for 6 persons:

200 g flour 00 - 200 g whole wheat flour - salt

Filling and sauce: 
500 g salted cheese plus a little 'to season - 300 g potatoes - onions - garlic - fresh tomato sauce - fresh mint - extra virgin olive oil - salt

mix the two flours, pour in a heap on a pastry board and knead it so much hot water is required for salt dough is smooth and elastic, which let stand wrapped in a cloth.Boil potatoes, mash with a potato masher gathering them in a bowl with the cheese already grated. Season the mixture with a fried mixture with oil, onion, garlic and mint finely chopped. Roll it out thin, ricavatene discs, 8 cm in diameter and fill them with small portions of filling. Close the culingiones holding in one hand and overcoming your thumb and forefinger ell'altra the edges of dough over the filling, forming a sort of "trunk" closed ear. Boil them a few at a time, in plenty of salted boiling water seasoned with a little 'oil, drain, then toss with the tomato sauce and pecorino cheese. It can also be used only with the pecorino. 
Recipe of the December 22

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