venerdì 18 maggio 2012


(This recipe is by Nuxia)

Ingredients for 6 persons:

300 g flour - 2 eggs - extra virgin olive oil - salt

500 g lean beef - red wine 250 g - g breadcrumbs 100 - 100 g Grana Padano - butter 50 g - 2 cloves - an egg - an onion - a carrot - a stalk of celery - broth - olive 'oil - tomato paste - chili pepper - nutmeg - salt - beef and capon broth

fry the vegetables, chopped, in butter and 2 tablespoons oil, then sear the meat, to touch, add a teaspoon of tomato paste, wine, spices, pour 2-3 ladles of broth and cook, covered, for several hours (one hour in a pressure cooker and 30 '). Then soak the bread crumbs dell'intingolo, add the meat, passed to the mixer, egg, parmesan and correct for salt. Work the dough finally obtaining a homogeneous mixture. Prepare the dough with the ingredients listed and a drop of water.Ricavatene thin sheets about 12 cm wide and 4 cm apart, distribuitevi portions of filling large as a hazelnut. Fold the flap of dough, ensuring it adheres to the heaps of stuffing around and, with a stencil with a diameter of 4 cm, obtained anolini. Arrange on a tray to dry, then cook them in broth, drain and serve immediately accompanied by the same brododi cooking or else, again.
Recipe of the December 22

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