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Brisée paste without eggs:

-  Brisée Paste
The pasta is a pasta without eggs brisée very crisp. Though it may seem "light" for the absence of eggs, cooked on its own requires a lot of attention. It should be applied thin enough, or is likely to remain harsh due to the lack of moisture that is precisely the eggs, in all other mixtures. Below is the recipe:

Brisée paste without eggs:


225g flour 00
140 g cold butter
cold water q.b.
a pinch of salt

With a knife cut into small pieces of cold butter, chalk in hand the butter with the sifted flour, butter and flour together or just rubbing the fingertips of hands. When butter and flour are well blended, add water and work quickly so as not to develop too much gluten shirt (which would make the dough too elastic and fibrous). Shape into a ball, wrap in plastic wrap and let rest for 30 minutes in the refrigerator before the dough stenderla.Stendere brisè in a hard, not too thin, and with this, a mold lined tart or cake tin roof, poking the bottom with a fork and fill with the stuffing.

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