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Capon in the oven with onions

Capon in the oven with onions
(This recipe by Nuxia)
Ingredients for 12 people:

a capon, about 3 kg - 1 kg onions - 350 g potatoes - peeled chestnuts, boiled, 200 g - a golden apple - butter - cinnamon - juniper berries - paprika - breadcrumbs - laurel - vinegar - red wine - extra virgin olive ' olive oil - salt - pepper

first the capon to bone, to free him from the chest, the abdomen by an opening evisceratelo then engrave on the back and started to pull the flesh from the bones, scraping it with a boxcutter, after extracting the casing, the incision sewn on back.Cut peeled potatoes in small pieces, blanch in salted water, acidulated with a drop of vinegar, drain and brown with a red knob of butter, bay leaves, juniper berries, paprika, cinnamon, chestnuts and apple chunks. Sprinkle all with 3 tablespoons of bread crumbs, salt, take the mixture to cool then fill the capon ventral opening is then sewn. Tie the legs and wings adherent to the bust, giving the bird its original shape, and bake at 200 ° C, after seasoning it with salt, pepper and oil. As soon as the capon browned, add the onions, a glass of red wine and bring to cooking (in all about 3 hours). Serve the dish with the sauce.
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