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Cialzons of Paularo

Cialzons of Paularo
(This recipe is Katy88)
Ingredients for 6 persons:

500 g flour - 30 g butter

 200 g biscuits - raisins soaked in rum (a glass) and squeeze 60 g - 50 g candy - dark chocolate 50 g - 40 g sugar - 40 g cocoa - jam (apricot or plum) 40 g - 25 g butter - 4 dried figs - a chopped onion - grated rind of half a lemon - grated rind of half an orange - parsley - salt

butter - smoked ricotta - sugar - ground cinnamon


Pasta: Work the flour with the butter, melted, add hot water to let the dough rest at least 30 elastic '. Chop figs, candied fruit and raisins. Mingle with the biscuits, crushed, sugar, cocoa, chocolate, cheese, and jam. Soak with the rum and a fried Incorporat prepared with butter, onion and 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley. Work the mixture until it is homogeneous. Roll out the dough into a thin ritagliatene discs (ø cm 6-7). Spread a teaspoon of filling on each, then fold them in half moon seal the edge well. Pizzicatelo between thumb and index finger in five points. Boil and drain cialzons soon come to the surface. Season with butter foaming, ricotta cheese, a pinch of cinnamon and, if you like, a little 'sugar. Serve immediately.
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