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Gourmet cake

Gourmet cake
(This recipe is Albert B. - Milan)

For the cake:
500 g white flour -olive oil 25 g -2 egg yolks -and half a tablespoon of sugar -salt-25g fresh yeastTo fill:Robiola g 350 -ham, sliced, 160 g - sturgeon, sliced, 160 g -150 g mayonnaise -120 g butter -shallot -aromatic chopped (chives, garlic, parsley) -lemon -Worcester sauce -fillets and anchovy paste -green olives -fresh tomato -salt -pepper.

Time required: about two hours to rise.Mix the flour with 250 g of warm water, yeast, egg yolks, oil and a pinch of salt.Let rise for 70 'then add the sugar without adding flour. Still working, let the dough rise for 40 ', then place it in a mold (diameter cm 20) 12 cm high oiled.After another 60 'of rising, put into the oven at 200 degrees for 35'.Slice the cake cool in 12 disks of the same thickness.Prepare 3 farce: the first with the butter worked with a finely chopped onion, Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice, and the second with mayonnaise mixed with a little anchovy paste, and the third with Robiola, the chopped herbs, salt and pepper.Spread stuffing each with 4 discs. Overlap them, and those completed in butter with slices of sturgeon, and those with the ham with the mayonnaise. Cut each disk into 6 wedges pair of equal, then recompose the cake starting from the base.At first you follow the other layer, overlapping them so as to alternate the flavors; to facilitate the operation, help you with a disk.Complete the cake with his hat and Decorate with olives, anchovy fillets, tufts of Robiola (about one third of the filling) and fresh tomatoes.
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