venerdì 18 maggio 2012

The briouates starters with phyllo dough

The briouates starters with phyllo dough
(This recipe is from Patrizia)

I tried this recipe the Moroccan briouates (I live in Rabat) and I must say that it is simple and good. Cut into julienne carrots, zucchini and leek and chopped the mushrooms. Sauté all the vegetables in a little oil, salt and pepper added just after the mushrooms and continue cooking if necessary with a little broth. You can also add spices if you like. You use a lot of cumin. Once the vegetables are cooked adj.dough parmesan or grana. Putting together two sheets of phyllo dough and fold the sides like cannelloni filling from the bottom, roll and lock with a little egg. Brush the cannelloni with the egg and sprinkle with cheese. It may be that fry cook in the oven.
Recipe of the December 28 

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