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Pappardelle with duck

Pappardelle with duck
(This recipe is Diana C. - Siena)

(Made my way to be more inspired 'recipes)

1 duck
peel of an orangeGrand Marnierred
odors (carrot, celery, onion, garlic)
 Cloves - juniper berries

Peel off the duck and strip the flesh off as much as possible. Reduce the carcass into pieces and put everything in a bowl to marinate with grated orange peel, half a glass of Grand Marnier and a little 'wine. Leave it for 12/24 hours.Make a mixture of herbs and fry in oil. Meanwhile, boil the red wine with the cloves and crushed juniper berries. Add the fried meat including carcass and brown. Add the wine and cook for bollitto 2 or 3 hours (plus ', and more cooks' is good). Strip the flesh off all the meat and chop on a cutting board with a mezzaluna or knife. Repulse all in pot and boil it in again. If necessary add a little 'water' cause when you drain the noodles are always a little 'dry well' some 'of liquid uncomfortable.From mouth-watering. shame that I had to hold back because of other courses. very successful and excellent.
Recipe of the December 28 

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