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Tagliatelle with lettuce

Tagliatelle with lettuce
(This recipe is Nuxia)
 Ingredients for 4 people:

200g dried egg noodles
2 lettuce

2 white onions
50 g of butter

120 g smoked ham
chilli nutmeg
bouillon cube
200 g of creamgrated Emmental cheese

Clean and slice the onions into slices, wash and cut the lettuce with narrow lists, cut the ham into strips. Put everything in a pan with butter and let melt slowly ingredients, leading to cooking with a little 'bouillon cube if necessary, to obtain a cream rather than liquid. Now add the cream and season with salt and pepper.Cuocer the noodles al dente, drain slightly and pour into the pan with the sauce and finish cooking. Dust with grated Emmental.

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