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Stars of Pandoro with zabaglione cream

The origins of Verona pandoro:

Other and not least for Christmas cake that arrives on our tables and Italiannot only is the Pandoro of Verona, whose origins are quite uncertain. It is thought that this cake from "Nadalin", a traditional sweet star-shaped families of Verona. Its design is the result of collaboration with the Austrian pastry very active in Verona.Since early 1800, Pandora has become the traditional cake of Verona production before being nationally known mainly thanks to the packaging industry.

Pandoro: il dolce ‘a forma di stella’
Stars of Pandoro with zabaglione cream


1 pandoro
30 grams of sugar
For the zabaglione:
½ cup Marsala
4 egg yolks
8 tablespoons of sugar
For the chocolate:
200 grams of dark chocolate
50 g of almonds
¼ cream

First occupied in the preparation of eggnog: Beat the egg yolks with sugar until creamy and soft, yet compact, then add the Marsala and continue to mix. Put the mixture you've got hours to heat a water bath for several minutes, up to the boil and keep warm but do not boil. Meanwhile, in a small pan, chopped dark chocolate and let it melt water bath. Once melted, add the cream, mixing everything well until the sauce is blended to perfection. Coarsely chop the almonds and put them aside. At this point, when everything is ready, cut into slices pandoro horizontally so that you get so many stars. Put each star in a serving dish and pour over a piece of hot eggnog decorated with melted chocolate and chopped almonds. Complete the recipe with a dusting of icing sugar.
If the star of Pandora seems too big for one serving, you can cut the slice, before filling it in quarters, as in the photo. If you want, instead of powdered sugar, you can use the cocoa powder, less sweet.

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