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Sicilian Nougat

The nougat: Cremonese or Sicilian?

The nougat is the 'home of authentic expression, fuck, now known in many variations with almonds, chocolate, nuts and honey. Again, there are several historical currents that give each other different origins to its gastronomic nascita.Per many scholars would seem that its origins are linked to Sicily with the next version calabria.Infatti spread in Sicily is prepared based on honey and almonds. Calabria is made with honey and almonds and peanuts, with coverage in dark chocolate. But the tradition, on the other hand, places it in Cremona 1400.The day of the wedding of Bianca Maria Visconti and Francesco Sforza, during the banquet, in fact, was a sweet prepared with almonds, honey and egg white that reproduced the shape of the city tower, just the tower. Its spread, then, is credited to the merits of a former apprentice at the end of 1800 gave birth to the first production designed specifically for the nougat.In Cremona, in fact, where one of the most important gastronomic event on nougat, this takes place every year in November, numerous people come from all over Italy to taste the legendary nougat in all its variants!

La dolcezza del torrone
Sicilian Nougat


500 g blanched almonds
500 grams of sugar
400 g of honey
the peel of an 'orange untreated
1 sachet of vanilla
waffle wafer q.b
baking paper

Prepare the waffles on a rectangular baking paper. Toast the almonds for about ten minutes in the oven, then coarsely chop the almonds in a food processor. Put the sugar in a saucepan and turn on the fire. Do it slowly dissolve and add the almonds, orange peel, honey and vanilla. Turn from time to time without attacking all the walls and bottom of the pan. As soon as everything is melted and blended, pour the stripes on the nougat wafers so Calasso fomando rectangular shape of the Sicilian Nougat. Run the task quickly, before they harden the sugar with honey. Make it cool and cut with a sharp knife, large and long pieces about 10-15 cm.

The Nougat with honey tends to harden, but always a little, like all things with sugar, just a few minutes in the microwave and put it back soft and tasty.

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