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Panettone stuffed with cream and fruit

The origins of the Panettone:

On the Milanese panettone on which there are several legends. The most famous story is linked to the dining room of Count Sforza, when his cook of the court saw that he had burned on the cake for lunch. His assistant Toni proposed to repair the damage with a dessert made with leftover butter, candied fruit and pasta. The 'Pan de Toni' was widely appreciated by all guests.Another legend has it that Toni is right to have forgotten in his kitchen for a day a cake that was experimenting to do and then, realizing his "forgetfulness" also decided to bake that cake, it looked like in bread and cake I call: "Pan de Toni" and then in time changed to "Panettone".Another legend is that which tells the story of Hugues Atellani, a young falconer in love with a baker named Algis, whose business with the approach of Christmas has been slow. Hugues was just to help his beloved that he bought with a few coins, sugar, eggs and raisins. Algis took the ingredients and made a paste which then became the 'famous panettone', made with the strength of his love.

Panettone stuffed with cream and fruit

Le origini del panettoneIngredients for 2 people:

3 small panettone
2 tablespoons of whipped cream or custard
half pear
2 Grappolini currant
1 tablespoon powdered sugar
Maraschino q.b

Take the Panettone and remove the paper that surrounds them laterally, taking care not to damage their surface. Cut off the cap and with a boxcutter dig the interior of Panettone, and pull the dough, and cut into disks and use to form the layers by intervals with whipped cream or custard. Hulled and sliced ​​fruit mixed with small pieces, then mounts the fresh cream adding the powdered sugar to your taste. Prepare the pastry cream or, for faster execution, procuratela ready. Spray lightly Panettoncino of Maraschino. Take 1 tablespoon of cream that you mixed with pieces of fruit, and the bottom of adagialo Panettoncino; ask above it a disk of cake and cover it with custard. Garnish the top with fruit pieces, cover with the cover with a dusting of icing sugar and garnish with currants.
If extraction of the center of the dough Panettoncino breaks or crumbles, never fear: cut it into pieces and use it in this way to form the layers that divide the cream or cream.

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