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Italian Taralli Calabresi

Italian Taralli Calabresi
(This recipe is Nuxia)

These usually iced cakes in the shape of small donuts, cakes are a traditional Easter in the province of Vibo Valentia. Contrary to what one may think of the donuts are hard paste, ideal to be eaten with milk or wine after a meal. Like any typical sweet Easter Calabrese, once they were cooked in the oven and you can also create different shapes.
400g flour
4 eggs
45g  olive oil)

For the pastry:
A little flour

For the frosting:
1kg of sugar
1/2 glass of water about 
grated zest of 2 lemons.

Heat oven to 200 ° CPlace the flour, the center put the rest of the ingredients. Knead vigorously. The dough should be smooth and consistent. Take a piece of dough at a time, roll on floured pastry board previously, forming long rods with a diameter of 2 cm. cut to about 6 cm in length, unite the two ends, and form small cakes. Bake, until golden and become deep cracks are formed at the sides or on the surface. Remove from oven. Turn off the oven and allow cooling to reach a temperature around 100 ° C.Access it again and I put Tarallo. They must dry for 1 to 2 hours. The Taralli must become dry and the inside must be well cooked. Remove from the oven. In a large nonstick skillet, preferably type Wok, Dissolve the sugar over medium low with a glass of water, and lemon grated zest until it becomes a liquid compound.Navigate quickly Taralli still hot, put in sugar and liquid to drain into a floor of steel or wood lightly greased with oil or butter (It just so that the sugar does not stick on the work surface). Allow to cool. When the cold Taralli will change color to white, more or less uniform due to sugar.

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