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Italian Campanaccio Pasquale

Italian Campanaccio Pasquale
(This recipe is Nuxia)

The Cowbell is certainly not a traditional feature Calabrese.Era Easter gift for children. There are different types of dough (and can also change the name: an example from the cuzzupe) for this product can be sweet or salty. In fact, one of the mixtures used is that of "Biscuits Easter", but also much dough is used to make the classic homemade bread. We can thus understand that what was once fresh face to the upper classes, while the salt was made by the poorest social classes. The bread, in fact, a product that was present in all homes Calabrian a time. Then the dough for bread was also less expensive, of a mixture of mild type.How "Cookies Easter" and "Pie" also said Cowbell "Campanaro" was baked in wood ovens. Moreover, its shape, usually a ring (but then everyone can give the shape you prefer) recalls the circle of the Bell, symbol of Easter. Below is the recipe for sweet. But you just replace it with the bread dough to get the cowbell in the salted version.
Ingredients:For Campanacci Desserts:
1 kg of flour 00
300 grams of sugar
8 eggs
200 grams of lard (you can substitute with olive oil, used in some areas for these cookies.)
1 bust. ammonia
1 bust. Yeast
vanillin or vanilla
 better very little milk to dissolve the ammonia.For the decoration
 eggs well washed and dried

For Campanacci Salting:
1 kg of bread dough already ready for use

For the decoration:
eggs well washed and dried

Campanacci Desserts:Melt the lard with a pinch of milk, put ammonia, schiumerà quite a bit, let cool.In a bowl or in the mixer, add the flour, sugar and eggs in the center, baking powder, vanilla, and knead the mixture above, it rissulterà a fairly soft dough.Dust the work surface, make long strands of dough of a diameter of 5 cm. Fold the dough into two equal parts and gently turn it on itself to form a rope. Join the two ends of dough and seal the dough by squeezing a little. You got a donut. It can also be made to braid. Poggiatele on a floured baking sheet. Place 4 eggs well spaced apart (the number of eggs in its discretion), in each bell, press the eggs gently into the dough. (An egg must be placed where you have combined the two edges of dough to cover the closing).Bake at 180 °, the time depends on your oven, you still feel the smell, the ammonia evaporates, should be golden. Campanacci Salted: As for the bells savory, bake the bread dough at 220 ° C for half an hour or until bread is cooked.
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