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Cookies Easter Calabresi

Cookies Easter Calabresi
(This recipe is Nuxia)

In the province of Vibo Valentia are to be reported as a typical Easter cakes even the so-called "easter cookies" cooked too, once in the ovens. These cookies have a special feature: it changes its form by moving from country to country. In some places are data forms similar to the hands or feet to remember the suffering inflicted on the nails of the Lord during his crucifixion. But in other places are prepared in form of lozenges or machines biscotti.Oppure even with small donut-shaped braided, or with the initials of family members, to ask the Lord for protection. In short, the shape of these cookies can change, but their taste is always the same. Get really good, if soaked in hot milk. In addition, you can prepare them, as in the case of the "pie" with only ammonia to the classic sweet or yeast artificial powder for cakes, instead of using both leavening agents.Although tradition has it that the ammonia cake, the real star of these delicious cookies!

1 kg of flour 00

300 grams of sugar
8 eggs 
200 grams of lard (you can substitute with olive oil, used in some areas for these cookies.)
1 sachet. ammonia for sweet
1 sachet. baking powder
vanillin or vanilla 
 200 ml of milk for dissolve the ammonia.

For the decoration

granulated sugar

Melt the lard with the
 milk, put ammonia, yeast quite a bit, let cool. (If you will not use ammonia combine milk with the rest of the ingredients).
In a bowl or in the mixer, add the flour, sugar and eggs in the center, baking powder, vanilla, and knead the mixture above, it' ll be a fairly soft dough. Dust the work surface and make the molds spirals, donuts, initials of the names of family hands, feet (representing the limbs of Jesus Crucified), cowbell with eggs, to be crude. Sprinkle with granulated sugar. Bake at 180 °, the time depends on your oven, you still feel the smell, the ammonia evaporates, should be golden (If you will not use ammonia combine milk with the rest of the ingredients).
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