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Zeppole's ISABELLA (Campania Italy)

Zeppole's ISABELLA (Campania Italy)
 (This recipe by Isamaxcris)

300 g of potatoes
1 packet of yeast
2 / 3 tablespoons milk
300 g of flour
60 g of sugar
1 egg
60 g of butter
bit / s up

Boil the potatoes and pass them to the mill. Dissolve the yeast in a glass with 2-3 tablespoons
warm milk. In a large bowl put the flour, potatoes, yeast, sugar, pinch of
salt, egg and softened butter. Do you work well together with your hands, adding, if the dough
was too hard a few tablespoons of warm milk. When the mixture is firm and well mixed, form the dough sticks about 15 cm. long and 1.5 thick.
Join the two ends so as to form cakes. Put to rise for 2 hours the clips s
u a floured surface and covered with a clean cloth, away from drafts. Fry them one at a
Once in a pan in a pan over medium heat and without sting. Drain well and
turn into sugar.
Recipe of December/13.

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