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Soft Torrone of Cremona

of Cremona             

  (This recipe by NUXIA)

 Ingredients for 12 people:
217g of sugar
67g of water
17g glucose syrup
133g of honey
33 grams of egg whites
350 g blanched almonds, toasted
(Or if you prefer to replace with whole hazelnuts or pistachios, toasted and shelled)
To finish 2 sheets of wafer.
With a mixer mounted whites until stiff and add 17g sugar.
Pour the honey into a pot without a fire. Cook 200g of sugar with the sugar and water until the sugar reaches a temperature of 118 C (the temperature measured with a thermometer separate kitchen). Turn the fire of the pot containing honey and you reach a temperature of 124 C
Make sure the sugar syrup has reached the temperature of 146 C. Pour the honey into the egg whites and sugar syrup then. Mix everything. Coat a baking sheet with parchment paper. Then a leaf resting on top of this wafer, and a square steel mold bottomless. The compound previously prepared to add the almonds and mix with a spatula silicon. Pour the mixture into the mold with the spatula to level the mixture and cover with the remaining piece of wafer. Let cool before cutting into rectangles nougat.
Recipe of December/15.

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