giovedì 17 maggio 2012

Pasta Genoise (Pate Genoise)

- Pasta Genoise:

It is very similar to the sponge, but is distinguished by the presence among the ingredients, the butter in a small amount in addition to the slight difference in weight of the ingredients. Even today, the ingredients are mixed hot.As for the sponge cake, I can say that the technique of "hot mix" has been abandoned for the introduction of the "electric mixer" so to speak, who, with their speed can be to incorporate more air ' dough in no time. It will be the air to give softness to the final sweet But I can guarantee you that if just the mix heated before being mixed, your sponge cake will be super soft!Another myth to debunk the use of baking powder, baking soda and cream of tartar.The real and true sponge Pasta Genoise, if they do not require the use of chemical agents.

Pasta Genoise (Pate Genoise)             


4 eggs140 grams of sugar
140 grams of flour
40 grams of liquid butter.

In addition to butter and flour muffin pan. 
Proceed with the liquid ingredients to the water bath. Continue the recipe with the same procedure used for the sponge cake. (Click here)

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