venerdì 18 maggio 2012


(This recipe is by Nuxia)


350 g blanched almonds - 100 g wildflower honey - 100 g sugar - pistachio peeled 50 g - 40 g egg white - orange peel grated - half a packet of vanilla - 2 sheets of rice paper - salt

almonds in the oven heated to 100 ° and cook while sugar moistened with 30 g of water bringing A135 °; simultaneously in a large bowl, dipped in hot water bath, kept to a minimum on fire, fitted with a whisk the egg white with honey, a pinch of salt and add the cooked sugar, once it has reached 135 degrees, continue to mount the mixture a few more minutes then add the almonds and pistachios hot. At this point, turn up the flame under the water bath and, with a wooden spoon, continue stirring the ground almonds and sugar until almost become compact, similar to a ball, then remove it from the bath, aromatizzatela with vanillin, the peel 'orange and transfer it on a sheet of paper rice, spreading it about two inches thick, then cover with another sheet of paper rice. Let cool and nougat, before it is completely cold and often cut into rectangular bars, regular.
Recipe of the January 3, 2012

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