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Marzipan Balls

Marzipan Balls
(This recipe is by Nuxia)

Ingredients:icing sugar 350 g - 150 g blanched almonds - vanillin - egg white - yellow dye - 12 roasted hazelnuts - cocoa - lemon zest - and raw sugar - orange flower water - Maraschino

passed to the mixer almonds with a spoonful of sugar, giving it a fine flour mixture in a bowl with the icing sugar, a sachet of vanilla, a teaspoon of orange flower water, a tablespoon of Maraschino and one egg white , joined gradually by checking the consistency of marzipan to be rather flexible. Divide into 3 equal pieces, then: first to add a few drops of dye, the second fine grated lemon rind and leave the third plain.Make each piece into 12 balls of marzipan: 12 past the yellow album and the granulated sugar, the lemon-album and 12 in raw sugar, while remaining stuck in a hazelnut and coat in cocoa. Let dry 36 balls and if you like, wrap them in a transparent paper.
Recipe of the January 3, 2012

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