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Cicerata - Ciciariata - Cicerchia ( Calabria - Italy )

Cicerata - Ciciariata - Cicerchia  Calabria Italy )
This recipe by NUXIA )

400g flour
200g of honey
4 eggs
20 g of lard or butter (I personally replace it with olive oil)
Olive oil for frying
For the pastry:
a little flour

Place the flour in the center to the rest of the ingredients. Knead vigorously. The dough should be smooth and consistent. Take a piece of dough at a time, roll onfloured pastry board previously, forming long, thin sticks. (As a guide, as the size of a pencil). With a knife cut the dough into pieces the size of a chickpea. Fry the pieces of dough into hot oil, they must share a golden color. Drain and let dry on asheet of absorbent paper or paper for frying.
Heat the honey in a large pot, pour in all the fried cakes. With a wooden spoon, mix well.
On a marble moistened with butter or oil, pour the contents of the pot on the floor. the wooden spoon to form a donut or a pyramid to the mixture. Let cool before serving.You can also take mini servings of "cicerata" by entering the compound directly intopaper cups.
While hot decorated with colorful candies or candied fruit into small pieces.

Recipe of December/17.

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