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(This recipe is by Sergio S.)

Ingredients: 500 gr flour - 250 g butter - 170 g caster sugar - number 32 blanched almonds - 1 egg yolk and whole eggs 2 - 1 sachet vanilla extract - 1 teaspoonbaking powder - salt. To decorate: icing sugar, chocolate, sweets, grains, smallcandies, etc..

Method: Whisk the sugar with the almonds, to obtain a fine flour. Make the fountain with the flour and put the almond powder to the center, baking powder, vanilla and a pinch of salt, mix with the soft butter into small pieces and the eggs, work quickly, gather into a ball and rest for one hour . So roll out the dough to 4 mm in height with a boxcutter and cut them pointed in different forms: little women and men, snowmen,animals, trees, Christmas balls. Bake on the plate covered with paper baking at 190degrees for 12 minutes. Remove them from the plate, let them cool, and a cornet of paper and using the elements described above (and others ...), decorate them with imagination and good taste. You can cook them first, give a small hole at the topand then use them to decorate the Christmas tree.
Recipe of December/18

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