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BALLS OF MOZART (Mozartkugeln)

BALLS OF MOZART (Mozartkugeln)
(This recipe is from Sandra)

250 g of solid hazelnut paste, almond paste 250 g, 200 g of dark chocolate and powdered sugar.

Derived from hazelnut paste as many bullets as big as a hazelnut. With the warmthof the hands, the dough tends to melt, you may want to cool your hands from time to time in cold, dry and dust with powdered sugar. Put the bullets in a cool place.
Roll out the almond paste: you put it between two sheets of waxed paper dusted withicing sugar and work the rolling pin. We must spread it thin thin, giving it arectangular shape, then cut into many small squares of 5 cm side.
Wrap each ball of dough into a square nuts of almond paste. Melt the chocolate tothe bowl containing it in a larger bowl containing hot water because it remains fluid;pierce each bullet with a stick (like those used for kebabs, I have used the fondueforks) and dip it completely in chocolate to dry on a wire rack and place in a tight mesh cups. Or as a variation you can add another layer of pasta with pistachio andhazelnut paste is added to the melted chocolate.
Recipe of December 21

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