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American Angel Cake

American Angel Cake


360 g of egg white
200 g of caster sugar
5 g of cream of tartar
150 g all - purpose flour
150 g of caster sugar
10 g of Amaretto di Saronno
2 g of lemon peel
2 g of salt
1 vanilla bean

For the buttercream:
250 g of caster sugar
80 g of water
25 g of glucose
140 g of egg yolk
500 g of butter
1 vanilla bean
30 g of Amaretto di Saronno

To finish: 250 g of icing sugar
5 g of cocoa butter
10 g of anhydrous butter (concentrate)
5 g pure alcohol 95 °
1 vanilla bean


For the cake:
Follow the procedure described in the sponge cake theme "Bases for birthday cakes" that you find on this page to your right under "Archivio".

For the buttercream:
Melt in a pan of water and sugar.
Meanwhile, prepare the cake: mix the flour with sugar, cream of tartar, salt, lemon zest, then add the egg white meringue obtained by mounting with the sugar, mixing gently from bottom to top, finally joined the 'macaroon.
For the whipped cream then add the yolks of glucose syrup in the microwave heated (121 °). With the help of a pastry bag and fill the cake with cream.

Recipe of december/12.

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