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Marzipan Romagna (Italy)

Marzipan Romagna (Italy)

 0 g flour
 sugar grams200
 g butter200
• eggs gr100
 g fresh whole milk175
 g sultanas125
 g baking powder20 almonds for the dough:
 g almonds with the skin400
 g bitter almonds100
 sugar grams600
• eggs gr125
 unsweetened cocoa powder gr15
 g dry Marsala wine. q.b.

Procedure for the mixture of almonds ground almonds with the sugar, then mix with eggs and marsala.
To the mixture of base:
Mix butter and sugar, add the eggs and then incorporate the flour with the baking powder and raisinsall softened with milk, then flour the table wellroll out the dough into a square of 1 cm thickness and spread a layer of mixture of almonds, cut into rectangles and then roll them and create the loavesPut them on trays with baking paper Spread over again with the mixture of almonds, sprinkle with almonds sprinkled with coarse sugar and bake in oven at 160 ° C.

Recipe of December/14.

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