giovedì 17 maggio 2012

Guinea fowl stuffed with artichokes

Guinea fowl stuffed with artichokes
Largo agli arrosti

1.5 kg of eviscerated guinea
100 g of bacon into cubes
6 artichokes
60 g of grated parmesan cheeseRosemary
1 onion 
Extra virgin olive oil
White wine
Vegetable broth
SaltPROCEDURE: Make brown the bacon with a little salt and chopped rosemary to make that issue a little 'of fat. Hot cleaned artichokes in boiling water and deprived of the outer leaves. Cut them in small slices and add to bacon. Add cheese and blend well. Stuffed guinea fowl stuffed with artichokes, close ties and good. Insert a sprig of rosemary between the threads of the ligature. Arrange on a greased baking dish with a chopped onion. Cook pheasant in the oven at 180 degrees for about 40 minutes, basting with broth and white wine.TIPS: For special occasions you can replace the white wine with which to soak the guinea fowl with a little 'of cognac.

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