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Nuxia's Vegetarian Sandwich

Nuxia's Vegetarian Sandwich
(This recipe was created by Nuxia)
This sandwich recipe that bears my signature, was created by me, one summer evening, when even a food blogger, with the summer heat, it loses the will to turn the stove to cook. Then nothing better than to be a sandwich or a sandwich, healthy and light as that of which I present to you my personal recipe.


Slices of soft bread for Sandwich
Tomato slices
Emmentaler Swiss cheese * or * Leerdarmer or another cheese of your choice

For the sauce:
lemon juice

Prepare the sauce. Dilute with a little water mustard and add a few drops of lemon juice to form a sauce. Toast the bread slices with the appropriate equipment for toast in the oven or the grill, to create the desired toasting (I chose the roast very light). On one side of the slices of bread still warm, spread the mustard sauce. Dial the Sandwich as follows: a layer of tomato (possibly if you like, just add salt tomatoes, I prefer to eat them without salt in this sandwich) a layer of lettuce, and the last cheese. Close with the other slice of bread, spread with mustard side facing on the ingredients. At this point, can enjoy it, or pass it again under the grill for two minutes. For the time necessary so that the ingredients to warm slightly.
Recipe of the 25/06/2012

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Under the lens:
(This article was written by Nuxia)

The Sandwich

The Sandwich in Italy known as the "sandwich" (for the various ingredients that can be inserted into it), has remote origins. It was invented in 1762 (260 years ago), by John Montagu, fourth Earl of Sandwich, an English town. He was a free thinker and idiosyncratic to formal dinners at the time, and have more time to devote to his favorite occupation, the English nobleman, called his servants to serve the meat between two slices of bread. Montagu had a strong personality, and it was not difficult for him to influence the eating habits of the time. Thus was born officially an alternative to the traditional meal at lunch: The Sandwich. Originally, the Sandiwich was prepared with salt and roast beef or grilled bread. Today, however, involves the use of many diverse ingredients, without placing any limits to creativity in the preparation of this meal. Montagu, not remotely imagined the success that he would have his "invention" and how it would spread to the rest of the world, his idea of ​​eating "fast" or as they say in English "fast". In short, the fast-food outlets with the birth of Sandwich, solves many problems every day, in terms of time, and without having to give up the daily meal. The sandwich, then, is an idea: winning, simple, from the smell of its ingredients to be possibly hot, like the bread that surrounds them. But above all, the variety of innumerable combinations of taste and ingredients, the sandwich, as it always reveals the true triumph for our palate.

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