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Sicily's Cassata

Sicily's Cassata 
INGREDIENTS FOR 6 PEOPLE:                                          

400 g of sponge cake
400 g fresh ricotta
100 g of sugar
100 g dark chocolate
250 g mixed candied fruit
250 g of powdered sugar
orange liqueur

Cut the sponge cake into three discs with a thickness of one centimeter each. Put the first disk on the bottom of a cake pan and the second cut into strips lining the edge, putting aside the scraps advanced.
Mix the ricotta with the sugar and two tablespoons of orange liqueur dissolving sugar well with a fork. Add the sponge cake crumbled advanced, 100 g of chopped chocolate and candied fruit sminuzzzata. Moisten the base of the sponge cake with the orange liqueur mixed in a little water, and pour the mixture of ricotta widening well. Close with the third disc also dampened, stow it in the fridge and let rafreddare for a couple of hours, then extract it and flip the cake pan on a tray.
Melt the icing sugar with three tablespoons of water and spread it evenly with the blade of a knife on the outer surface of the cake. Alternatively, instead of using a glaze cover formed by a thin layer of almond paste with pistachios.
Decorate as you like cassata with candied fruit and put in the fridge to rest for a few hours before serving.

TRICKS: As a variant instead of the sponge can be used for Pavesini soaked in marsala wine mixed with a little milk.

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