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Sun's Fusilli

Sun's Fusilli
(This recipe was created by Nuxia)

The fusilli sun were created on a rainy Sunday. It seems a little controversial, but just to color a gray day, I wanted to try a recipe that the color of the sun: Yellow. This recipe is very easy and very reminiscent of carbonara for his appearance. A really tasty dish: getting ready in no time, but mostly it is proof of "apprentices" in the kitchen.

350g of pasta fusilli
250g cream
200g sweet bacon diced
2 sachets of saffron
Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to taste
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

In a large pot with lightly salted water to boil and toss the pasta and cook for time indicated on the package. Meanwhile, prepare the topping. In a skillet, add oil and bacon. Add a pinch of pepper and saute over medium heat for about a minute. Turn off the heat. Two minutes from the end of cooking the pasta, a bowl add a ladle of pasta cooking water and dissolve the saffron. Drain pasta and transfer to the pan with the bacon. Add the cream and the saffron water. Mix well and skip the dough for a few minutes to color evenly pasta.Salare and add the Parmesan cheese. Turn off the heat and serve pasta.

Under the lens:
(Article of the newspaper Corriere della Sera)    


Pancetta di Calabria DOP


PRODUCTION AREA: all provinces of the region.

PAIRING: Great to enjoy with rustic bread or polenta, is served with fresh white wines, sparkling or still.All local winesFor the production of bacon pigs are used DOP Calabria - born in Calabria, Basilicata, Sicily, Puglia and Campania, Calabria and bred - that have not passed the fourth month of age and weighing 140 kilograms. It is a bacon, not rolled and of rectangular shape, obtained by sottocostato of the pig, which is left attached to the rind. The piece, prior to processing, must have a weight between 3 and 4 kg and a thickness of 3-4 centimeters. Once trimmed, the Bacon of Calabria is subjected to a salting process that lasts from four to eight days, then washed and soaked in vinegar, and can be flavored with black pepper, red pepper, pepper sauce, vinegar and covered with chili powder, and finally starts to mature, which lasts for a minimum of thirty days at temperature and humidity suitable. Consumption, Pancetta of Calabria has an area of ​​red color, due to the presence of hot pepper inside, shades of pink, alternate fat and lean parts. Intense, savory, slightly sweet, aromatic and sometimes pungent. Store in a cool, dry, and when sliced, the least cold in the refrigerator, wrapped in food or cloth.

IN THE KITCHEN: The bacon is Calabria serves to natural or slightly heated with warm rustic bread or polenta, is also used to prepare sauces.

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