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Corn atole (Guatemala)

Traveling ... cuisine from around the world: Guatemala - looking for a "pause Elote"

Atole de Elote
Corn atole (Guatemala)
(This recipe is Nuxia)

In Guatemala, at 3 pm, all come in at the kiosks - bars near their homes to enjoy the "atole de Elote" a drink made from corn. Its origins are ancient, and its long preparation, can easily bring to mind and make you imagine how the women, with patience, devoting their time to the kitchen, with the few means available, to prepare for this and other dishes of of Guatemala. The flavor of this drink is very pleasant, but not very easy to prepare. Its ingredients though "poor", should be assayed with precision, and cooking has to be perfect. It takes very little to overcook the corn, and altering the flavor of the finished drink. If you love to hear more the flavor of cinnamon, you can sprinkle with a little 'of cinnamon powder, after pouring the drink into the glass. Serve hot or warm. It 'a digestive drink, but it is obvious that in the rest of the world prepared meals for lunch are different from those of Guatemala, so my advice is to enjoy this pleasant specialties, a few hours later, perhaps as a beverage for afternoon break.

3 cans of corn, "The Sweet Corn" Cirio * or "Corn - Corn Gold-Corn Steam" Valfrutta *
100g of corn to decorate
1 +1 / 2  cup** of water quantity divided
1 whole cinnamon stick
a pinch of cinnamon powder
a pinch of salt
170g sweetened condensed milk
1/4 of fresh whole milk or milk cream

In a food processor put the contents of a can of corn, with all its preservation liquid. Add 1/2 * cup of water and whisk well. Place a large sieve, over a pan (the pan should then go on the fire at a later date). Put the corn blended with all of its water, in the sieve and with a spoon press well corn milkshake, in such a way that the meshes of the sieve, the liquid dripping of corn mixed with water. Collect much liquid as possible. When corn is dry blended throw away from the sieve. Whisk all the remaining corn with 1 cup of water and repeat the operation as explained above. Harvest all the liquid in the pan, add the cinnamon stick (add a pinch of cinnamon powder), add a pinch of salt and turn the fuoco.Cuocere for a few minutes over medium-low, to evaporate the water excess. Only 3 minutes, otherwise alters the flavor of corn, and becomes part sgradevole.A, put in a pot together with the concentrated milk, milk or cream (according to the final density which one wants to give to the beverage), Heat just on fire for about 1 minute. Then add the mixture of milk to the mixture of corn. Mix.
(Remove the cinnamon stick from the liquid, if it is used as a whole). Allow to cool and pour into cups type Mug. Garnish with corn kernels and serve.
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** The measuring cups are with the American - to see the conversion table in ml: Click here

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