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Rougaille ( Mauritius ) - ( India )

Traveling ... in cuisine from around the world: India - on the spice route

Rougaille ( Mauritius ) - ( India )
(This recipe is Nuxia)

This Indian dish is mat in the kitchen: a good spicy sauce to accompany white rice, fish, red meat or white. The scent of spices enhances understood, the food on the palate. Of course, being Italian, I used the extra virgin olive oil, but as we know in India, there is this type of oil, and especially would be very difficult in Italy, finding the oil used in India for the preparation of this dish. Warning: prepare not to exaggerate the amount of spices. Everything should be dosed with balance, but above all is the individual taste to decide the intensity of flavor that must unleash the spices on the palate, as there is no minimum amount of spices to be used as a reference, in the recipe. In addition, if the spices are not properly calibrated, in excessive amounts, could slow down the digestion. That said, I invite you to create in your kitchen, this wonderful dish, and I'm sure you'll love at first taste!

Tomatoes or tomato sauce "The Very Fine" Cirio * or "Mini Cubes" Valfrutta *
Extra virgin Olive Oil "Classic" Cirio *
black pepper
Also to accompany the recommended:
Rice boiled in water
Chicken Fileni * or  Amadori* boiled or grilled
Grilled red meat
Grilled fish or steamed

Blanch the tomatoes and mix. (If you use tomato sauce, skip this step.) In a wok heat the olive oil, along with the crushed red pepper. Add garlic, finely grated ginger and continue to stir, add the chopped onion to make it brown. Add the tomato sauce and salt and black pepper to taste. After a few minutes the sauce will become creamy. When the tomato is cooked, remove from heat. Add the thyme and parsley. Serve as an accompaniment to white rice, fish, red meat or white meat.
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