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Nasi Goreng Fried rice to the Indonesian

Traveling ... in cuisine from around the world: Indonesia - The land where the pepper has a very special flavor and family

Nasi Goreng (Indonesia)
Fried rice to the Indonesian

(This recipe is Nuxia)

The Nasi Goreng is a typical dish of Indonesia ', namely the Indonesian archipelago, but is also the basis for many other dishes, prepared in the East. There are several versions of this wonderful dish of rice in the preparation, the end is "fried", or "jumped" into the pan. His accompaniment is usually done in a classic omelette served, cut small strips served aa the edges of the plate. In the version I am presenting, the omelet is replaced with the decoration of tomatoes and boiled eggs. Anyone who wants can also add decoration, shrimp, carrots, green peppers and red.

For 4 persons:
450g rice or Thaibonnet ribe Parboleid
peanut oil (as usual I've replaced with extra virgin olive oil delicate)
3 small shallots
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
Sambal ** 
1 teaspoon hot pepper or cream of Calabria (Italy)
1 teaspoon tomato paste "Supercirio" Cirio *
 4-6 tablespoons of tomato sauce "The Sovereign" Cirio * or "The Soup" Valfrutta *
2 tablespoons soy sauce
3 carrots
100g button mushrooms
salt to taste

For the decoration:
Hard-boiled eggs
Carrots boiled
Green chilies

Wash the rice under running water, so as to eliminate all the starch content on grains of rice. Put the rice in a steel pot with thick bottom, or a non-stick pan. Cover the rice with two inches of water and cook over low heat, cover with a lid, until the water is absorbed, without ever opening and turn the riso.Lasciare cook the rice, by boiling water for 12 to 15 minutes. Then turn and leave with lid closed for about ten minutes, so that the rice rest. In a wok to dissolve a tablespoon of butter with two tablespoons peanut oil (I have used the extra virgin olive oil, 3 tablespoons. It 'a lot healthier, but for those who wish, however, can use 2 tablespoons of extra virgin oliava and 1 tablespoon of butter, the two ingredients combined will taste more delicious to the final dish.). Add the chopped shallots and cook for a minute. Add the turmeric, Sambal (chili or cream of Calabria), the tomato paste (or tomato sauce), soy sauce, finely chopped carrots, mushrooms cut into quarters, and cook for 6 minutes or until carrots are soft. Add salt to taste and pour the rice, turn up the heat up to operating simmer, stirring to mix all ingredients. Turn into a serving platter and garnish with fried shrimp, garlic, hard boiled egg, slices of tomatoes, peppers and red and green, or, you can put the freshly cooked rice, a single mold or individual molds, to give the shape of the mold to the rice, leaving it for a few minutes inside the mold. Turn out the plates, decorate according to your imagination and above all, using, among the proposed ingredients, boiled eggs and tomatoes at least. They are essential ingredients in the decoration of this covenant.
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Note **:
 The Sambal is a sauce made from chili peppers used much in the East. Its preparation is very similar to the spicy sauce made from chili, prepared in Italy in the Calabria region.
Under the lens:
Calabrese spicy chili sauce
(This article was written by Nuxia)

The cream is a chili recipe merdionale prepared especially in the province of Vibo Valentia, Calabria, where the red pepper and spicy is the main ingredient in condiments.
The cream is prepared with chili peppers and spicy red sauce that give the typical red color and intense fire.
The origins of this wonderful sauce, are not really known, what is certain is that the period after the discovery of America, chili began to be marketed in Italy, but the story of local traditions of Calabria, suggest that the 'introduction of chili in these places, it happened long ago, when the Arabs colonized the territory of Calabria. As the chili, could be grown very easily to the favorable climatic conditions (hot and sunny similar to those of Saudi Arabia), the population Calabrese, induced by this new "discovery" brought by the Arabs began to cultivate using the chili for storing food and above all, to flavor dishes. Most likely they were just Arabs, concomitantly with the Calabrese people to create and spread this sauce (better known as cream) like Sambal. The Sambal sauce is very popular in Indonesia and the Asian Continent, whose only difference from the chili sauce prepared in Calabria, is due to the presence of other ingredients, including green peppers, in addition to the red.

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